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Did you know?

Americans need a Real Estate Professional once every 6.6 years!1, 2
But we visit a doctor every 4 months.3
So why do we have 35.7% more people employed in R.E.?

Let's face it,

there are too many agents chasing sales.
51% of agents did 4 or less transactions
and a staggering 54.7% did 1MM or less.4

Here is how:

REality's Top Ranked Agent brings you to your next income plateau:
  1. Re-define the area you work in, for more income in less than 8 minutes.
  2. Pictorialize your area using Google, and even Street View.
  3. Be the most informed agent your clients will meet, using Graphs.
  4. Put your best foot forward, highlight all of your strengths.
  5. How do you rank? You will be amazed how good you really are.
  6. Work less, make more money, picking the right type of homes.
  7. About 31% of homes sell in fewer than 9% of all streets.
    Here are the right streets!
  8. Perfect CMA every time in 20 seconds!

For 33 years we have been helping agents reach
their next income plateau.




4 May 15 2017 Study of 645,000 randomly selected agents for the last 12 month by IMS Incorporated.
Does not include New homes, commercial, private, exclusive, pocket listings, rentals, farms, vacant land, co-listings, only shows 1st. partner.

Please note you may not use these statistics without written permission.